What effect ebv would have on b cell function | Homework Help

Q1. EBV infects B cells and some epithelial cells. EBV enters via the CD21, part of B cell coreceptor.The atypical lymphocytes are characteristic of acute EBV infection. They are mostly T cells, with a preponderance of CD8 cytotoxic T cells. In most individuals, the infection is brought under control but not eradicated because the viral genome persists latently in many B cells. One of EBV encoded proteins is VIL-10, which is very much alike to human IL-10. EBV also stimulates endogenous synthesis of IL-10 and IL-6.

What effect do you think EBV would have on B cell function?

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What effect ebv would have on b cell function | Homework Help
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Q2. In Drosophila melanogaster, vestigial (short) wings (vg) are caused by a recessive allele of a gene that independently assorts with the gene pair that influences body hair. Hairy (h) results in a hairy body. A cross is made between fly with normal (wild) wings and hairy body and a fly with vestigial wings and a normal (wild) body. The phenotypically normal F1 flies were crossed among each other, and 1024 F2 flies were reared. What phenotypes would you expect in the F2, and in what actual numbers (not ratios) will you expect to find out them?


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