What are “dual-use” technology’s? | Homework Help

rach question is a 3 point question

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What are “dual-use” technology’s? | Homework Help
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  • 1)     Exploring space is a great idea – but what’s in it for us?
  • 2)     In a space program dominated by robotic spacecraft and landers, what role remains for human beings?
  • 3)     How will the us government respond if china puts an astronaut on the moon?

Page 167

  • 1)     Why was plum island initially favored for working with highly infectious animal disease?
  • 2)     Why does the department of homeland security think plum island is no longer an appropriate location?
  • 3)     Why is foot-in-mouth disease considered a “trade disease?”

Page 155

  • 1)     What are “dual-use” technology’s?
  • 2)     Does creating a synthetic cell disprove the idea that life is scared?
  • 3)     How long before you think it will be before synthetic biology can be done at home? Is the prospect frightening?



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