Weekly Assignment #7 “Phantom Limbs”

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Module 7: Weekly Assignment #7 “Phantom Limbs”

In Chapter 7, you have learned about the mirror neuron system. Let’s discuss the practical application of this knowledge to understanding phantom limb syndrome and its possible treatment.
Please, watch the following videos:

After watching the videos, please, review the following two articles:

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Weekly Assignment #7 “Phantom Limbs”
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After that, please, answer the following questions:
A short definition of phantom limb syndrome.
What are possible explanations of phantom limb perception?
How the concept of mirror neurons helps to explain the phantom limb syndrome? What is important about the science of mirror neurons?
Do your research and find out what are the main phantom limb treatment strategies. Focus on one strategy and describe it in more details.
What has provoked your interest during the review of the materials for this discussion forum? Why have you chosen this particular treatment strategy for your discussion?
When talking about the phantom limb syndrome therapy, remember to discuss: (1) Specific phantom limb condition that is best treated with it; (2) Currently known effectiveness of this therapy; (3) The benefits of the therapy and possible side effects; (4) How this treatment strategy and its effect can be explained through the science of mirror neurons?
What was the most interesting fact that you have learned when researching this topic?
Ask questions to facilitate the discussion. Use in-text citations and references in the correct format, APA.

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