Understanding of diaspora as applied in contemporary scholarship

Paper instructions

1) Showing a subtle understanding of diaspora, as applied in contemporary scholarship, discuss
its significance in exploring the complexities of ‘Black diaspora cinema’. SECTION B
2) Examine, with attention to each film’s narrative strategy, reference points and themes, the critical relationships between cinema and society in Daughters of the Dust and Bamboozled.
3) Explore, with focus on the narrative trajectories through which each articulates contemporary Black-Canadian social milieus, the discourse of ‘community’ in Rude and A Winter Tale.
4) Analyze, with attention to the film’s intricately woven critical, social, historical and ideological strands, the intersections of sexual, racial and cultural politics in Young Soul Rebels.

PLZ follow the requirements and make sure the grammar is correct!
I’ll tip you if I got a B+! Thanks a lot!

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Understanding of diaspora as applied in contemporary scholarship
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