The Transgender Film-The Danish Girl

Paper instructions

1,500-2,000 words not including citation words.

Here is the requirement to paper 1:
As a primary source choose any film (movie, video, documentary, narrative, music video, commercial, television show, etc.) that is centered on the life of a transgender person and examine how they are represented in the film. You must use 5 secondary sources. These secondary sources must be peer-reviewed scholarly works. One of these works must be Susan Stryker’s “Chapter 1: An Introduction to Transgender Terms and Concepts” from her book Transgender History. A bibliography in MLA format must be included and DOES NOT count towards your word or page count.
For this paper here is the requirement:
Continue work on Paper 1. Use this opportunity to edit your work, dive deeper into your topic, and use more resources to support your ideas.
Please add 500 words and 3 more sources to the paper, and edit the paper to make it more logic.

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The Transgender Film-The Danish Girl
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