The Three Secrets of Resilient People

Start by Watching this video, and then by completing the requirements below… (this will be a longer discussion assignment).

Tedx – The Three Secrets of Resilient People (Christchurch, New Zeland) Video

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The Three Secrets of Resilient People
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  1. Watch video above on Resiliency
  2. Please Complete Exercise 4.5 “The Art of Resiliency” in your book on pg 87.   Textbook:   Essentials of Managing Stress (5th Edition) by Brian Luke Seaward;  Jones and Bartlett Learning.
  3. For the Discussion, please discuss the following:
    • From this week’s chapter, discuss what you feel is your personality type and some of the traits you possess (positive and negative).
    • From the video, which one of the 3 secrets do you feel you most need to work on and why?
    • From Exercise 4.5 – Discuss at least one trait from each one of the metaphorical “Backbone”, “Wishbone” and “Funnybone” and state how you might strengthen them in your life.


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