The impact of kangaroo care and music on maternal state anxiety | Homework Help

,want to be done Quantitative reseearch,i try to all provided to attach to your e-mail the assignment critaria,tb be clear my choose title research is. The impact of kangaroo care and music on maternal state anxiety.the research qustion,from Q1 Q9 or from Background to evednce utilizations.Title of the article:

1. Background of the study (Total: 5 marks)
1.1 Briefly describe the health issue of the study focused?
1.2 What is the significance of the study?
2. Overview of the research design (Total: 5 marks)
2.1 What was the aim of the research?
2.2 What research design did the researchers use? Was it appropriate? Why /why not?
3. Sampling (Total: 10 marks)
3.1 Who were the study participants and what sampling technique was employed in this study?
3.2 What are the inclusion and exclusion criteria of the sample? Why is it important to have these criteria identified before recruitment?
3.3 How were the participants allocated into groups? Was this appropriate? Why/why not?
3.4 Describe the treatment the intervention and control group received during the study?
4. Data collection (Total: 10 marks)
4.1 What are the independent and dependent variables in this study? Why?
4.2 What instrument/s was/were used to collect the data?
4.3 How was the data collected?
4.4 Define the concept of reliability and discuss how reliability has/has not demonstrated in this study?
4.5 Define the concept of validity and discuss how validity has/has not demonstrated in this study?
5. Results (Total: 10 marks)
5.1 What differences in outcomes were identified between the intervention and control groups?
5.2 Were the results significant and why?
5.3 Can the study results be generalised to other settings?
6. Evidence utilization (Total: 5 marks)
6.1 Would you implement the findings of this study in clinical practice? Why/why not?
7. Presentation (Total: 5 marks)
7.1 Referencing in-text and in reference list conforms to APA referencing style
7.2 Critique support by relevant literature using at least 3 recent academic references published from 2009
7.3 Correct sentence, paragraph, grammatical construction, spelling, punctuation and presentation

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The impact of kangaroo care and music on maternal state anxiety | Homework Help
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