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Read: • Select a short story, or piece of fiction from our readings to analyze using a literary theory as a theoretical frame. Write: • 4-6 page essay analyzing a text/texts using a literary theory to frame your questions. o This can critically analyze any craft aspects of fiction: ▪ Point of View/Narrator ▪ Theme ▪ Plot ▪ Character ▪ Setting ▪ Symbolism ▪ Writing Style Purpose: • Complete a close reading for a text/texts we’ve read for analytical writing about literature, use critical lens and engage with fiction “tools” for analysis Possible Topics: • Analyzing the form, shape of the story o Is the story moving from problem to solution o What shape is the story taking on the page, and how does this effect what the author is trying to accomplish • Analyzing the character(s) of the story o Analyze the characterization (weak or strong) o What are the characters trying to accomplish o Who is the speaker, who is the girl, what is their relationship • Analyzing something “original” about the story o What the story is trying to accomplish, the theme o What the story is “not” (think comparatively to other, stories) Formatting: Standard MLA • 1” Margins (all around) • Double Spaced, Indented Paragraphs • Centered Title • Proper Heading • Times New Roman, 12 pt. font

Luani of the jungles

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The Harlem Renaissance Luani of the Jungles Assignment | Essay Help Services
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What is the source of dysfunction between people when they love one another? Perhaps it is because one person’s definition of love is different from the other, so people are loving each other unbalanced. For example people from different countries get with people from here only because they want to come here to finish education and build a better lifestyle. Race  can also cause dysfunctional relationships, and interracial relationships. “Luani of the jungle” is a perfect example of how dysfunctional relationships operate and how cultures clashing fuse into that dysfunctional.


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