The “flavor of Linux”

Cis 255 week 4 Installing Software Packages” Please respond to the following: • The “flavor of Linux” you run will determine how the software packages are installed. RedHat Package Manager (RPM) is one way. In this discussion, complete the following and discuss: • Using your favorite search engine and the Internet, use the search term “How to Install Software on Linux – lifehacker”. • Then, explain the purpose of a package manager and list three different types or ways to install software. Be sure to provide the version of Linux and the tools. • Lastly, provide “help” resources that walk a new user through troubleshooting issues in the event a package fails to install. Cis 505 week 4 Choose a couple of ways how your life would be different without the Internet. How would the business world be different? Think of the job you have now, a job you’ve had previously, or the job you’d really like to have and discuss what you think the impact would be based on your understanding of equipment used to support Internet access such as switches and routers. Cis 502 week 4 In information security, models provide a way to formalize security policies. Such models can be abstract or intuitive. All models are intended to provide an explicit set of rules that a computer can follow to implement the fundamental security concepts, processes, and procedures that make up a security policy. The models offer a way to deepen your understanding of how a computer operations system should be designed and developed to support a specific security policy. No system can be totally secure; security professionals have several security models to consider. Let’s say you work for one of the following types of industry: • Manufacturing • Government • Research • Service • Consulting Choose a different industry than from last week’s discussion, and then from the list below, select a model and summarize the model as you understand it. State why you might use this model in your job. Include at least one advantage and disadvantage of the model you’ve chosen. Include a real-life example of the model in use. Make sure to include any special or unique security feature for the model. • Trusted computing base • State machine model • Information flow model • Noninterference model • Take-Grant model • Access control matrix • Bell-LaPadula model • Biba model • Clark-Wilson model • Brewer and Nash model (also known as the Chinese wall) • Goguen-Meseguer model • Sutherland model • Graham-Denning model

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The “flavor of Linux”
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