The Death Penalty


Pick a side, either for or against the subject. E.g. for The Death Penalty. Please don’t try to argue both sides, you will confuse yourself. Intro on the topic: About the topic, historical backgrounds Political Impact on American Society. This should be ½ page Body: Get at least 5 arguments points, e.g. Death Penalty-Human Rights Issue and develop those arguments. Each point should be 1 ½ page Use Statistics to support your research paper. Please cite them Conclusion-1/2 page References. I need at least 5 sources. I will do the cover page abstract and reference page myself so that is not needed. My apologies for asking so late but I have other test to study for. I only had 3 days to write and I’m taking 5 other classes so I’m pretty stressed out. So I would really appreciate the help thank you.

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The Death Penalty
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