sustainability frameworks

Week 3 team paper. This paper is Team paper week 2- 9 weeks. Current is week 3.

Learning Outcomes:

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sustainability frameworks
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  • Apply various sustainability frameworks and compare multiple global approaches to sustainable business management.
  • Gain a solid understanding of sustainable business strategies leading to the effective integration of social, ecological and economic realities.


Provide an in-depth analysis to social wellbeing, how is social wellbeing measured at a national level and what policies could be enacted to improve overall social quality approach variables (SQA). Build on SQA and provide a good explanation of the conditional factors for your country. Integrate environmental aspects, consider van der Maesen (2013), and Bucher (2016) from your readings [ Attached]. You can also consider other environmental variables, more specific to the country you have chosen. This part of the paper should be around 20 pages in length.



As a team we chose South Africa as the country that our paper will be about.

Its team work. My par part is response to write about  highlighted part of topic list below



Every one picked topic from the bottom list.FOR my part focus Yellow highlighted part from the topic list below.3 pages, APA style, pages, 3/ more scholarly references in addition to articles attached.



Potential breakdown of Week three paper


1.) Provide an in-depth analysis to social wellbeing, –  done by other student

2.) how is social wellbeing measured at a national level –done by other student


3.)  what policies could be enacted to improve overall social quality approach variables (SQA) – done by other student


4.)  Build on SQA and provide a good explanation of the conditional factors for yourcountry – done by other student


5.) Integrate/consider environmental aspects, consider van der Maesen (2013), and Bucher (2016). Mine

**** from your readings other environmental variables, more specific to the

country South Africa. – MINE





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