State of the Science Quality Improvement Paper Part 2

Paper instructions

This assignment provides the opportunity for the graduate nurse practitioner student to become familiar with research processes which are specific to quality improvement. The graduate nursing student will develop a State of the Science Evidence-Based Practice Project that is focused on quality improvement.

Note: The process began in Week 2 with the formation of a PICO question. Week 4 was Part 1 of the paper which laid the ground work for the project. Part 2 of the Project in Week 6 adds the following elements: Abstract, Review of the Literature (State of the Science), strengths and limitations of current evidence, and development of a quality enhancement (improvement) plan that addresses limitations of current practice evidence.

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State of the Science Quality Improvement Paper Part 2
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Part 2 Criteria for Content


The abstract should be succinct, comprehensive, and follow and include these APA components (accurate, non-evaluative, coherent, readable and concise).

A description of the problem under investigation (one sentence), participants, and essential features of the quality improvement project which include setting, supporting theory, stakeholders and outcome measurements that would be used to determine efficacy of quality improvement project are included.

Quality Change Plan:

In this section the writer will create an inter-disciplinary quality improvement plan for their future practice area. The JH Action Planning Tool may be used as a guide but is not required to be submitted along with the project. This section should be supported by scholarly in-text citations and include the following sections:

Feasible plan for implementation: Select a model for use, such as the Plan/Do/Study/Act Model.
Identification of key stakeholders with rationale for identification.
Identification of appropriate interdisciplinary team members to assemble with rationale.
A plan for outcome analysis (this should include independent and dependent variables as well as an overview of a method of statistical analysis (which statistics or outcome measures).
Ethical considerations: Protection of Human Subjects.

Attached is the paper with Part 1 of the project and on the Appendix is the PICO Question


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