Spotify 2000 DataMining Project

Business Question Project:
1)How can we predict the popularity of a new song?
2)What variable is most likely going to decide if a song is popular?
3)you are a record executive and are looking to decide which genre of music to work on next in order to make increase your chances of a hit song.
For question 1, we will use logistic regression and neural networks to help us classify if the song is popular enough. We will create a dummy variable that classifies a song as popular if its score is greater than or equal to a score of 75 out of 100.
For question 2, we will linear regression to help us predict this by looking at the highest coefficient of our variables. **We could also answer question 1 using linear regression by seeing if the score is 75 or more.
A word document should include the following sections:
Introduction and the main question of the project
Data collection process
Data summary and visualization
Data Analysis (Apply appropriate data mining techniques learned in the course- at least two methods)
Results and conclusions (Concisely presents, summarizes, and analyzes the results)
# You also can attach the Excel.FIies

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Spotify 2000 DataMining Project
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