Spanish Baroque artists

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Spanish Baroque artists, like their contemporaries in Italy, were Catholic and often worked to fulfill the goals of the Catholic Counter Reformation. In what ways, then, is Spanish Baroque art and context different from Italian? Write a composition in which you compare the two art movements and be sure to address context, style, and subject matter.
Be sure to read the module material and the PDFs posted below.
To help illustrate your analysis, conclude your submission with a quick presentation of a Spanish Baroque painting or sculpture of your choice (not Las Meninias, which is covered in the 9.2 discussion) and explain whether you think it is typical or not of Spanish Baroque.
(Below) José de Ribera Martyrdom of St Bartholomew
* * *
The first (short) reading provides a sketch of Spain in the 17th century and comes from

Williams, Mark R. The Story of Spain. Málaga: Santana Books, 2000.

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Spanish Baroque artists
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The second PDF introduces Spanish baroque art (for this pdf, if you want, you can focus in on the artists that are also covered in the module) and comes from

Moffitt, John F. The Arts in Spain. London: Thames & Hudson, 1999.


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