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Write a Research report on the given topic “Marketing Plan”

Omar Zawawi Establishment LLC (OMZEST) is a multi-location conglomerate with diverse interests across a wide range of products and services. It has been in the business for almost five decades, and it is present in some form or the other in almost hundred countries around the globe.  The National Detergent Company manufactures various household products related to fabric care, dish care, personal care, and home care. It was established in 1981 by Mr. Abdul Hussain Bin Bhacker Al Lawati, who is the current chairman of the company. NDC is associated with OMZEST as an associate company.

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Solution-Write a research report on the given topic | Homework Help
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AIDress the each criteria given below :

Table of content-

  • Executive Summary. 
  • Introduction. 
  • PESTEL Analysis. 
  • Political Factor 
  • Economic Factor 
  • Social Factor: 
  • Technological Factor: 
  • Environmental and Legal Factor: 
  • Marketing Objectives. 
  • Target Market
  • Marketing Strategies. 
  • 7 P’s. 
  • Designing the E marketing strategy. 
  • Designing the marketing channel 
  • Designing the integrated marketing communication. 9
  • Detailed Action Plan. 
  • Evaluation and Recommendations. 
  • References. 

Academic requirements:

• Your work must be submitted as 3800 words.

• Your work should be submitted in the well  formats paragraphs.

• All work must be referenced using the Harvard /APA method.

• Provide a reference list 


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