Solution-Why did mendel selected garden pea for his | Homework Help


Question 01 : Multiple choice Questions :-

1. Mendel performed experiments on ………………….
a) Pigeon pea 
b) Cow pea 
c) Garden pea 
d) Chick pea 

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Solution-Why did mendel selected garden pea for his | Homework Help
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2. In Pisum sativum which of the following traits is dominant-? 
a) White flowers 
b) Green seeds 
c) Yellow pods 
d) Inflated pods 

3. A cross between an individual which is unknown genotype for a trait with recessive plant for that trait is 
a) Back cross
b) Reciprocal cross
c) Test cross
d) Monohybrid cross 

4. Emasculation is …
a) Removing pollen grains 
b) Removing stamens before anthesis 
c) Removing stamens after anthesis 
d) Removing stamens from male parent 

5. When pheonotypic and genotypic ratio is same ,then it is an example of …….
a) Incomplete Dominance
b) Cytoplasmic inheritance 
c) Quantitative inheritance 
d) Co dominance 

Question 02 : Very short answer Questions 

Define the terms 

a) Genotype
b) Phenotype
c) Test cross

Question 03 : Explain the terms 
a) Factor 
b ) Emasculation 
c) Alleles 

Question 04 :

Why did Mendel selected garden pea for his experiments ? Explain the characteristics of pea …Enlist seven traits in pea selected by MENDEL 

Question 05 : Give graphical representation of Monohybrid cross ,clearly showing phenotypic and genotypic ratio.

Question 06 : Following is the diagram of Incomplete dominance -explain in detail the diagram and also state why it is deviation from Mendelian ratio.


Question 07 :

A) Give the diagrams of Multiple alleles
B)  following is the diagram of Emasculation phenomenon. Explain in detail.


Question 08 : What is dihybrid cross? Explain with suitable example and checker board mehod.

Question 09 : Genes are units of inheritance .A gene is a segment of DNA that provides instructions for synthesis of a specific protein or particular type of RNA. It may be defined as a segment of DNA which is responsible for inheritance and expression of particular character, based on above concept SEYMOUR BENZER introduced the following terms, explain them in detail —

a) Cistron
b) Muton
c) Recon 

Question 10

a) What do you understand by PLEIOTROPHY.
b) Explain MENDALS law of inheritance.


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