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1) You have two new clients, a husband and wife couple named Dorothy and Bob, who are currently performing 30 minutes of cardiorespiratory exercise four days per week. Dorothy works at a relatively light intensity (walking at 3.8 mph) and Bob exercises at a higher intensity (running at 6.5 mph). Even though she is working in the “fat-burning” zone, Dorothy is concerned that she is not losing body fat as effectively on her program as her husband is on his program. Explain to Dorothy how she could make her program more effective and why Bob may be progressing more quickly toward his goal than she is toward her goal.

2) A client is a long-distance runner who wants you to train her to become more skilled in track-and-field events such as sprinting and jumping. Explain how aIDing interval training to her exercise regimen will help her reach her goals.

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Solution-Why bob may be progressing more quickly | Homework Help
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3) A client, shows you an exercise for the chest that she really likes. She stands with 15-pound dumbbells in each hand, and, beginning in 90-degree shoulder abduction, performs chest flys [i.e., horizontal shoulder flexion (aIDuction) and flexion (abduction)]. Analyze this exercise to determine its effectiveness and recommend a modification to increase the workload placed on the chest muscles.

4) A new client, is performing abdominal curls and you notice he has a forward-head posture. Describe two ways to correct their head’s position, and as a side note to your explanation then explain to them either Abnormal and Fatigue-related Postures or Muscular Balance and Imbalance, and then in explanation to them, give them 2 exercises.


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