Solution-What do you understand by term photosynthesis | Homework Help

Question 01) Following is the diagram of chlorophyll molecule explain it- 


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Solution-What do you understand by term photosynthesis | Homework Help
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Question 02) What do you understand by term “photosynthesis”. Give the equation to explain the phenomenon.

Question 03) What do you understand by following diagram —–


Question 04 ) Following is diagrammatic representation of Chloroplast which is site of photosynthesis. Explain in detail Chloroplast organelle ..


Question 05) Complete the following equation –

a) RUBP + CO2  ——–UNSTABLE COMPOUND ( Whats the enzyme involved )

5C          1C         Mg+                     6C  

b) Above  UNSTABLE COMPOUND  + H2O ———- ( Whats the end product ) 

Question 06) Light Dependent reactions involves two types of Photophosphorylation Non -cyclic and cyclic Photophosphorylation …Give Diagrammatic representation of both.

Question 07) Light Independent reaction (does not require light) involve Blackman’s reaction .Give the equation and also explain Calvin cycle clearly showing following steps Carboxylation, Reduction and Regeneration Diagrammatically.

Question 08) Following is the diagram of transverse section of leaf showing KRANZ ANATOMY. Explain in detail.


Question 09) Multiple choice questions

1) CAM plants are mostly –
a) Tropical plants 
b) Succulents 
c) Mangroves 
d) Monocots 

2) Which of the following factors is not limiting?
b) Light intensity 
c) Temperature 
d) Oxygen 

Question 10) Give diagrammatic representation of C4 CYCLE  

Question 11) What do you understand by CRASSULACEAN ACID METABOLISM. In CAM plants why does acid concentration increase during night ? 

Question 12) Give significance of PHOTOSYNTHESIS.

Question 13) Give general transverse section ( T.S ) OF LEAF diagrammatically.


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This assignment is about Topic -Photosynthesis which is a process by which solar energy enters in the living world .It is the process by which chlorophyll containing organism synthesize carbohydrates from CO2 and H2O in the presence of sunlight liberating oxygen .Photosynthesis involves two phases 1) light dependent phase 2) light independent phase. The assignment has questions that talk about Structure of chlorophyll molecule, ultrastructure of chloroplast. Photophosphorylation is of two types Non cyclic and cyclic photophosphorylation.( light dependent reactions) Second phase of photosynthesis is light independent which includes Calvin cycle C3 pathway which involves steps like carboxylation, reduction, synthesis and regeneration.,C4 plants ,phenomenon known as kranz anatomy .The assignment also talks about Crassulacean acid metabolism and also significance of photosynthesis.


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