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In preparation for this Assignment, please visit each of the following websites to learn about how HIV wreaks havoc on the human immune system. Overview of HIV Treatments. Retrieved from

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Solution-Treatment resources-general treatment information | Homework Help
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CDC. Retrieved from

CDC. Living with HIV. Retrieved from

Aidsinfo. Health Topics. Treatment Resources: General Treatment Information. Retrieved from 65/general-treatment-information

Then, answer the questions below:

  • Transmission of HIV and spread of AIDS worldwide.
  • New advances in treatments for HIV disease.
  • Some people have talked about the “end of AIDS” in the past few years. Why? Is this really the end?
  • Why do you think some nations are unable to obtain drugs that they need to prevent/treat HIV disease?
  • What have some nations done to help decrease the rates of HIV infection?
  • What advice would you give to a young person who has just discovered that s/he is HIV-positive? How would your advice be different if that person lived in Uganda?
  • What are some local resources in your area for people with concerns about HIV or AIDS?


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