Solution-Transpiration is an important aspect of ecosystem | Homework Help

1. Transpiration is an important aspect of ecosystem dynamics. It essentially is the second most important concept associated with plants and life being on land, photosynthesis being first. In no more than four sentences, explain how transpiration helps to limit the number of trophic levels within an ecosystem.2. Life is dependent upon an organism’s ability to obtain enough daily energy, in some form, to last them long enough to survive and hopefully reproduce to keep the species going. Knowing this fact and the 10% rule explain how important the foraging theory becomes, from a time perspective, in no more than four sentences.
3. The ability to drive is an important part of coming of age as a young adult. The ability to pay for the gas to go in a vehicle, is also a big part of that. Saving gas is important to you, especially when you have a big date at the end of the week and want to be able to use the vehicle. How does the need to conserve energy (gas) relate to an organism’s (you) behavior? In no more than 3 sentences, explain how you will adjust your driving behavior seeing how you only have $25, a date to the movies on Friday but do not get paid until next Monday, and only about 1/3 tank of gas. Your parents said no to a loan too.4. By now, you should fully understand that for organisms to exist and reproduce requires tremendous amounts of energy consumption. Essentially, the more energy conserved in “living”; the more that can be saved and put towards reproduction later. With this being the case, consider monogamy and polygamy and what would be advantageous in terms of offspring survival and parental investment. In no more than 3 sentences, tell which is more beneficial to offspring and state 2 supporting facts.

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Solution-Transpiration is an important aspect of ecosystem | Homework Help
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