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Your course project will be a year-long (52 week) training program for a specific athlete; the same athlete that you began working with when you did your Week 4 Athlete Analysis Assignment.

Develop a program based on proper testing/assessment of the athlete, his or her sport, age, gender and weight.

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Solution-Training program for a specific athlete | Homework Help
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Include off-season, pre-season and in-season schedules for the athlete using the principles of periodization.  Provide a chart for each “season” of the schedule, explain why each exercise is selected for this athlete and how it is helping the athlete reach his or her goals.  The program should be written so that anyone could pick up your schedule and train your athlete on any given day.  You will use at least 5 outside sources to help you develop this program and the paper will be submitted in APA format.  Be creative and have fun with this project.  Please be sure to include all rules of APA formatting and appropriate scholarly, peer-reviewed references. Your paper should contain at the least:

Title page

APA references/citations


Pg. #s

A scholarly tone

7-10 pages (not including title page)


Example of programs (sets, reps, exercises…)


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