Solution-Tetrapod vertebrates had four limbs | Homework Help

1. The common ancestor of all the tetrapod vertebrates had four limbs with a similar skeletal structure to thatseen in many vertebrates today. Considering this, in what sense are the arms of humans homologous to thewings of a bird?

2. The green algal ancestors of plants existed in aquatic habitats, contained chlorophyll a and b, and had cellwalls composed mainly of cellulose. Land plants also contain chlorophyll a and b and have cell walls ofcellulose. What traits in the land plants are primitive? What trait represents divergent evolution from theancestral form?

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Solution-Tetrapod vertebrates had four limbs | Homework Help
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3. The ancestors of hominids were quadrupeds, walking on four legs. Humans are bipedal. Is this characterderived or ancestral? Are the walking habits of chimpanzees primitive or advanced?


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