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H.R. is an 18-year-old Caucasian female college student who presented to the University clinic seeking advice regarding methods of contraception. Data collected during the interview revealed:

  • shy talking about her sexual practices;
  • no history of a pelvic exam;
  • had three sexual partners in the past 6 months;
  • no use of contraceptives;
  • periods have been regular, but she has recently noted some spotting between periods;
  • last menstrual period 4 weeks prior; and
  • denies vaginal discharge, dyspareunia, genital lesions or sores.

Physical Exam:

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Solution-Seeking advice regarding methods | Homework Help
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  • Vital signs: blood pressure 118/68, pulse 74 beats per minute, respirations 18 breaths per minute, and temperature 37.1° C.
  • Breast, thyroid, and abdominal exam with expected findings.
  • The genital exam reveals normal vulva and vagina.
  • The cervix appears inflamed, bleeds easily, and has a purulent discharge coming from the cervical os.
  • The bimanual exam is normal without cervical motion pain, uterine or adnexal tenderness.


  • Based on the patient’s history and physical exam, what diagnostic tests would you recommend? (Discuss at least three.)
  • What teaching strategies would you recommend for this patient to promote healthy behaviors?
  • What methods of sexually transmitted disease (STD) prevention and types of contraception would you suggest for this patient?
  • What treatments would you recommend for this patient? (Identify at least two.)


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