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A 74-year-old woman is transported to a regional burn center after being rescued from a house fire. Apparently, a space heater was knocked over and an area rug caught fire. The fire quickly spread throughout the house. She did not have any functional smoke detectors and became trapped in a back bedroom. Using the “rule of nines,” the burn team estimates that approximately 30% of her TBSA is burned. Most of the burns are thought to involve the entire dermis, and the area looks waxy and white. This type of wound is considered to be:

Burns exceeding 20% of the TBSA in most adults are considered to be major burn injuries. With a major burn injury, a systematic pathophysiologic response that ensues requires therapeutic intervention to sustain life. The most reliable criterion for adequate resuscitation of burn shock is:

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Solution-Reliable criterion for adequate resuscitation | Homework Help
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