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Suppose that a population of forest dwellers is predominantly green, but about 25% of each new generation of children are a lighter color – yellow or pale green. The lighter colored beings have to be careful, as they are more easily seen and eaten by predators! How can we explain this? What is happening that keeps producing yellow or light colored kids from green parents?

The climate begins to change and forest disappears over hundreds of years. Eventually, as the forest shrinks, this population is forced to move away, to a more open environment, with lighter fields and tall grasses. Over hundreds of generations, the percent of lighter organisms increases, and the percent of green beings, begins to decline and almost disappear. What is the main evolutionary process that is affecting this change? Speculate on what environmental factors may have helped bring about this change and explain how. Be creative, but use scientific explanations to explain the process.

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Solution-Population of forest dwellers | Homework Help
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