Solution-Literature paper on sickle cell anemia | Homework Help

Literature paper on sickle cell anemia.

The literature review is the foundation for your paper and the more work you put into the literature review, the easier your paper is to write. Please continue contributing to your literature review while it is being graded so as not to lose time preparing your term paper.

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Solution-Literature paper on sickle cell anemia | Homework Help
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Please keep the following questions in mind as you progress through this activity:

• What do all these scientific research articles have in common?

• How do the authors’ views overlap with each other?

• How and why do the authors’ views differ?

• Do any of the articles pose a problem to the central argument of my proposed paper? If so, how can I reconcile the problem?

Instruction to Learners:

Please prepare your review as a summary and synthesis of your selected sources. As you prepare your literature review please restrict your synthesis to 10-15 sources from the primary literature that are most relevant to your term paper topic. Focus on the salient information that either supports or refutes the argument you plan to make (i.e., the thesis of your paper). (Note: ‘primary literature’ refers to scientific research articles published in peer-reviewed journals.)

Prepare your review using a document format compatible with MS Word (e.g., .doc, .docx, .rtf) and ensure that word length is between 500 and 1000 words



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