Solution-Identify the brown bunnies survived | Homework Help

After completing the two scenarios, I was able to identify the brown bunnies survived well than the white near the equator. And, the white bunnies survived better than the brown in the artic environment.

As observed in the simulation, the white bunnies did not survive well near the equator. I believe this is due to their in ability to hide themselves within the environment, making them more vulnerable. The same goes for the brown bunnies in the artic environment, they were unable to hide and were easily hunted by the wolves.

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Solution-Identify the brown bunnies survived | Homework Help
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The simulations illustrate the theory of evolution and shows that the bunnies which are able to survive, reproduce and produce future generations of bunnies. If the bunnies are unable to survive their environment or are not suited, they eventually die off.


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