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Unit outcomes aIDressed in this Assignment:

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Solution-Identify critical areas in purchasing | Homework Help
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• Identify the minimum internal cooking time and temperature for foods.
• Identify time and temperature requirements for holding foods for service.

Course outcomes assessed in this Assignment:

NS305-3: Describe the flow of food through the food service establishment.


You are a Nutritionist at your local health department and have been asked to create a handout that walks a particular food through the flow of food in the food establishment identifying critical areas in each step – purchasing, receiving, storing, preparing, cooking, holding, cooling, reheating, and serving (see below for your food assignment). The handout should be designed for an adult public audience to be distributed at your local community health fair. As in the previous Assignment, do not presume your audience has any food safety or scientific background. Please no jargon or acronyms that are not widely known. In this brochure, you need to discuss the following related to your food:

• Identify critical areas in purchasing.
• Identify critical areas in receiving.
• Identify critical areas in storing.
• Identify critical areas in preparing.
• Identify critical areas in cooking.
• Identify critical areas in holding.
• Identify critical areas in cooling.
• Identify critical areas in reheating.
• Identify critical areas in serving.

Note about assigned food: since these topics are broad, please pick something specific within the category. E.g., if you are assigned Fresh Fruit, pick a specific fruit (apple, blueberry, etc.). Keep in mind that you must report on each critical area, so pick a food that easily goes through the flow. For example, apple goes through flow better than watermelon as apple is typically heated, cooled, etc., whereas watermelon typically is eaten raw.

Food will be assigned as followed:
Last name starts with: Food Assigned
A or B: Fish
C or D: Shellfish
E or F: Crustaceans
G or H: Meat
I or J: Poultry
K or L: Eggs M or N: Milk
O or P: Cheese
Q or R: Fresh Vegetable S or T: Fresh Fruit
U or V: Thanksgiving Turkey W or X: Ground Beef
Y or Z: ROP Food


• The handout can be a one page flyer, brochure or a multipage pamphlet. Please, no essays.
• Use graphics to ensure your handout is creative and informative.
• Use at least three references (Wikipedia is not considered an authoritative source) and include the references on your handout.
• Correct grammar, sentence structure and word usage.
• No jargon.


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