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watching the 1939 movie “Freaks”. After you watch the show, you need to choose, based on a sexual selection cue, which individual in the movie would-would most likely make the best choice for creating a viable offspring with a genetically normal individual with no obvious maladies resulting in a normal offspring.

in AIDition, you also need to include your impression of how these individuals managed to survive developmentally and the consequences of their maladies on passing their genes successfully into the gene pool.

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Solution-How these individuals managed to survive | Homework Help
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This is a critical thinking assignment. Remember, what you can see is a result (phenotype) of the genes passed on from the mother and father to the offspring. The only genetic alleles on the chromosome we can really see iare the XX and XY.

Obviously, the genetic information received by each of the individuals in the movie was deleterious; but not fatal!

This assignment must be tryped. A minimum of 300 words. Make sure you check spelling, grammar, and any references you use. APA style


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