Solution-How many possible genotypes are there from the | Homework Help

Please answer the following questions, you may answer on this sheet or your own paper.

1. How does a theory differ from a hypothesis?

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Solution-How many possible genotypes are there from the | Homework Help
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2. Mendel’s laws are illustrated using Punnett squares. In the example below, we are looking at possible alleles for facial dimples where the capital T indicates that the allele equals the existence of dimples and the lower case t indicates that the allele is not there for dimples.

Individual 1

Individual 2










How many possible genotypes are there from this mating? How many possible phenotypes?

Genotypes _____________ Phenotypes _______________

3. You are studying primates in West Africa and discover a small population of monkeys in an isolated forest. They resemble a species that lives about 50 miles away, across a river. The main difference appears to be white tufts of fur underneath the ears in the new population you’ve found. What evolutionary mechanism probably explains this difference?

4. Fill in the blank: An evolutionary process that is said to occur when two previous subspecies (of the same species) are no longer capable of successful interbreeding is called _______.

5. Give an example either from your book or from class of a population bottleneck.

6. The Hardy Weinberg formula predicts genotypic proportions in a population that is in equilibrium. (See pages 71 thru 74 in your book). In order to predict genotype proportions some assumptions must be met. Name 3 of those assumptions.


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