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In this week’s lesson, you had the opportunity to review Dr. Patricia Kuhl’s video on language acquisition. After reviewing the Linguistic Genius of Babies video by Dr. Patricia Kuhl (found in the Unit 2 reading), respond to the following:

Summarize Dr. Kuhl’s brain research and its influence on language development and acquisition .

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Solution-How kuhls brain research compare with | Homework Help
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How does Dr. Kuhl’s brain research compare with the Interactionist Theory on language development?

Write a scenario of a practical application for an early childhood professional working in an infant/toIDler’s classroom based on the Interactionist Theory and Dr. Kuhl’s research. Please support your answer with references from your reading. i need this tomorrow in 200 or 250 word with a refence page so the teacher can know were i got iy from


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