Solution-Help with a small assignment for nutrition | Homework Help

Looking for help with a small assignment for Nutrition. Will only accept answer if attached grading guide is utilized, and the answer is clear of plagiarism. Tip based on quality. 

Create a 2-page pamphlet/brochure using the Microsoft® Publisher, Microsoft® PowerPoint®, Brochure Builder, or another brochure building tool. Include the following details:

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Solution-Help with a small assignment for nutrition | Homework Help
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  • A title.
  • Definecarbohydratesand outline the basic functions of sugars, starches and fiber in the body.
  • Describe the differences between simple and complex carbohydrates, stating healthy carbohydrate sources.
  • Describe how sugars are broken down and used in the body.
  • Explain the difference between soluble and insoluble fibers, stating how the difference can be applied to food selection and consumption so as to improve health.
  • Includeinformation on one of the following disorders related to carbohydrates: lactose intolerance, diabetes, or hypoglycemia.

Include a definition, how it affects the body, and some courses of action used to treat and manage the disorder.

Include a reference with citations in APA format.

Include clip art and a background image.


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