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Lesson: Folate and Vitamin C for Breakfast

Lydia S. is a 42-year-old British woman who recently moved to the United States. She smokes a half pack of cigarettes a day. She is 64 inches tall, weighs 185 pounds, and has a family history of heart disease. Her diet is high in protein, mostly from beef and chicken. She dislikes most vegetables except corn and potatoes. She eats fruit only occasionally and often skips breakfast. After taking a nutrition class at a local community college, Lydia is concerned that her diet may be deficient in folate and vitamin C. When she looks at the Nutrition Facts for some foods in her pantry, this is what she finds:

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Solution-Folate and vitamin c for breakfast | Homework Help
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Instant Breakfast EssentialsTM powder, 1 packet: 50% vitamin C, 25% folate

Ovaltine®drink mix, 2 T: 10% vitamin C, 0% folate

Raisin Bran® cereal, 1 cup: 0% vitamin C, 25% folate

Toasted oats cereal, 1 cup: 10% vitamin C, 50% folate

1. Lydia learned in class that 400 micrograms provides 100% of the Daily Value for folate. Show how she can calculate the amount of folate in each of these foods. Then, show how Lydia can use the “How To” feature on page 312 to calculate the dietary folate equivalents (DFE) for each of these fortified foods.

2. Lydia also learned that 60 milligrams provides 100% of the Daily Value for vitamin C. Show how she can calculate the amount of vitamin C in each of these foods.

3. Based on her current diet, which food group is most likely the primary source of folate in Lydia’s diet? What explains the high amount of folate in these foods?

4. Considering her current diet and lifestyle habits, why might Lydia need extra vitamin C in her diet?

5. Even if she were to achieve 100% of the Daily Value for vitamin C from the fortified foods in her pantry, what are some reasons that Lydia should still consider increasing her intake of fresh fruits and vegetables?

6. Based on her family history, why is it important for Lydia to get an adequate amount of folate in her daily diet?

7. Show how Lydia might combine the foods in her pantry with some of the foods listed in Figure 10-12 and Figure 10-19 to plan one day of meals that meet her requirements for dietary folate equivalents (DFE) and vitamin C.


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