Solution-Explain the hierarchy of plant structure | Homework Help

1.     Explain the hierarchy of plant structure using the stem as an example organ and follow it through each stage until you reach the level of cell. Only use the vascular tissue systems.  

2.     In the evolution of land plants we see several major trends.  Describe how the evolution of seeds decreases a plant’s dependency upon water

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Solution-Explain the hierarchy of plant structure | Homework Help
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3.     Describe the relationship between photosynthesis and cellular respiration in a single cell of a plant leaf.  

4.     How can the quality of the soil affect the growth of plants?  

5.     Describe transpiration in plants.  What challenges does a plant have in very arid environments?

6.     Explain the process that occurs every fall when the maple trees lose their leaves. 

7.     Describe the acid growth hypothesis for cell elongation in plants. 

8.     How does a single ripe banana affect other fruit around it?   




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