Solution-Enhanced the fidelity of a viral rna polymerase | Homework Help

Question 1

What effect would a drug that either dramatically reduced or enhanced the fidelity of a viral RNA polymerase have on the survival and fitness of a virus in a population? Explain Why? Are there currently examples of such drugs? How do they work?

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Solution-Enhanced the fidelity of a viral rna polymerase | Homework Help
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Question 2

Read the review by Feschotte and Gilbert on Endogenous Retroviruses (ERVs). What are ERVs and why are they important? What impact have they had on viral and human evolution?

Question 3

Read the perspective by Arien et al about HIV evolving to a less virulent form. What are the mechanisms by which HIV may evolve to a less virulent form? What are the arguments for or against attenuation?

Question 4

Read the article by evolutionary biologist Paul Ewald entitled “Guarding against the Most Dangerous Emerging Pathogens: Insights from Evolutionary Biology.” Describe his concepts on the evolution of virulence in terms of a virus. Use specific examples of viruses we have studied that demonstrate the concepts he outlines.

Question 5

Watch the recent “Coffee House Presentation” video entitled ” Adaptation and Evolution: The Life of an RNA Virus.” (The first 20 mins are the presentation and the rest is an excellent Q&A).What is “metagenomics” and how can it be used to detect and prevent emerging viral infections? Why is zoonotic virus transmission the reservoir for emerging diseases? What animals are commonly reservoirs for transmissioto humans? Why?


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