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Learning Activity #1

One of the most important topics covered in this week’s discussion on ethics in marketing involves marketing activities geared toward children. Based upon this week’s readings, identify what you believe is one of, if not the most, unethical marketing activity directed at children, explain why, and give an example of a product/service that actually engaged in that activity. Initial response due Thursday. Remember to comment on at least 2 other students’ post by Sunday.

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Solution-Discussion on ethics in marketing involves | Homework Help
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Learning Activity #2

Harold Gruber is a well-known consumer advocate, specializing in children’s education and nutrition. He has appeared on countless talk shows, and written a number of best-selling books on the subject. For the past 20 years, his opinions have carried great weight in the market place, with many parents structuring their purchases on his recommendations. Recently, Harold has come under fire as it was revealed he has accepted payments from the Brand Corporation, whose subsidiaries include Happy Time Toys and Yum Yum Snacks. Specifically, Harold praised Happy Time Toys new Play N’ Learn line of computer games as the best education tool in his lifetime, as well as Yum Yum Snacks new Super Bar as a the most delicious and healthy snack a parent can give their child. Other consumer advocates in the field have questioned the accuracy of Harold’s recommendations for both of these products. Harold maintains he did nothing wrong, and that opinions can differ among consumer advocates. Moreover, he maintains he did not recommend the products because he was offered money to do so. Rather, he was only offered the payments from Brand Corporation after he had already made his recommendations on both products, and felt there was nothing wrong for taking money for something he was going to recommend anything.

Do you think Harold’s actions are unethical in this case? Why or why not? Assuming he is telling the truth, is the Brand Corporation unethical for giving money to a consumer advocate for recommending their products? Remember to comment on at least 2 other students’ post.


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