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AIDiction is not only a personal issue, but it has potentially profound impacts on those with whom the individual comes into contact, particularly family members. This activity will expose you to a discussion of an individual who was affected by a family member’s aIDictive behavior.

Review the following websites related to family impacts:

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Solution-Discussion of an individual | Homework Help
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  • Ackerman, R. J. (n.d.). Alcoholism and the family [PDF file size 77.2 KB]. National Association for Children of Alcoholics. Retrieved from
  • National Institute of Health (2005). Module 10 J: Alcohol and the family. National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism. Retrieved from

Then, review the following video:

  • Films Media Group. (Producer). (1990). Codependent relationships. [Video file] [06 min 28 sec]. In Adult Children of Alcoholics: A Family Secret. Retrieved from
  • After reviewing the assigned reading and the video, discuss the following questions:
  • How has aIDiction affected family members?


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