Solution-Difference between microcytic and megaloblastic | Homework Help

1. Bone Health

“What is osteoporosis, anyway?

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Solution-Difference between microcytic and megaloblastic | Homework Help
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Who is at risk?

What sorts of dietary and lifestyle habits increase risk? Decrease risk?”
2. Name the difference between microcytic and megaloblastic anemia.

Which is most common in the US? Around the world?

What is the role of vitamin C in blood health and anemia resolution?

Discuss the changes seen in anemia since folic acid has been fortified in the food supply.

How do the following contribute to blood development?

zinc, copper, and vitamin K

3. How is blood calcium regulated and how are our bones affected in the process? (Describe the general processes for increasing and decreasing blood calcium levels, you do not need to mention all the hormones involved.)

What are some good ways to incorporate calcium into our diets? Also, name at least two non-dairy food sources of calcium.

What other nutrients are important in bone health? Name each one and explain in 1 sentence why it’s important. (HINT: there are 5!)


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