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Competing Internationally

When making purchasing decisions, should a corporation reduce its ethical standards in order to allow the company to compete internationally? Take a position and defend your answer. 

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Solution-Determining the competing internationally | Homework Help
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Required ResourcesText

  • Wisner, J.D., Tan, K.-C., & Leong, G.  (2012).Principles of Supply Chain Management(3rd ed.).  Mason, OH: South-Western Cengage Learning.  ISBN: 9780538475464
    • Chapter 9: Domestic U.S. and Global Logistics
    • Chapter 10: Customer Relationship Management
    • Chapter 11: Global Location Decisions
    • Chapter 12: Service Response Logistics


  • Kanani, R. (2011, December 8).An interview with Dell’s procurement director on environmental sustainability.Forbes. Retrieved from
  • Knauss, D. (2010, January 19).The role of business ethics in relationships with customers.Forbes. Retrieved from


  • Davila, E. (2010, April 15).Global supply chain management.[Video]. Retrieved from
    • This video supports theCompeting Internationallydiscussion for this week.


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