Solution-Describe the reasons of extensive usage of | Homework Help

Choose two.

1. Describe the reasons of extensive usage of corticosteroids in the treatment of autoimmune diseases and prevention of graft rejection.

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Solution-Describe the reasons of extensive usage of | Homework Help
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2. What are main actions of cyclosporine of one of the most selective immunosuppressive agents?

3. Describe the significant considerations related to the use of herbals and natural products.


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Impressiveness drugs are those drugs which basically prevent the activity of the immune system and are generally inject-able in nature. They have a variety of uses in the field of unimpressive therapy. In cases of rejection of organ transplantation, these drugs are being frequently used as that the body does not possibly reject the organ as a foreign material. These drugs are widely practiced while treating patients who are suffering from autoimmune diseases, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis etc. These drugs also have application in the field f non autoimmune diseases like allergy, asthma control etc.

One of the most common side effects being encountered by the rampant use of the unimpressive drugs include the phenomenon if immunodeficiency. The majority of these drugs work in a non selective manner thereby resulting in the enhanced susceptibility as far as infection or immune-surveillance related phenomenon is considered.


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