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Fluid, Electrolyte and Acid/Base Balance

  1. Describe the physiological roles of sodium, potassium, calcium, chloride, and phosphates.
  2. State the term for an excess or deficiency of each electrolyte and describe the consequences of these imbalances
  3. Name the major fluid compartments and explain how water moves from one to another;
  4. LIst the body’s sources of water and routes of water loss;
  5. Describe some conditions in which the body has a deficiency or excess of water or an improper distribution of water among the fluid compartments.
  6. Know what acids and bases are and know the normal pH of blood.
  7. Know the relationship between acids and bases and their hydrogen ion (H+) concentration.
  8. Know how buffers control pH in the body and be familiar with the three buffer systems.
  9. Know how the presence of CO2 in blood affects pH and how the body responds to hypercapnia and hypocapnia.
  10. Identify some causes of respiratory and metabolic acidosis and alkalosis and describe the effects of these pH imbalances
  11. Explain how the respiratory and urinary systems correct acidosis and alkalosis, and compare the effectiveness and limitations of the two systems.

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Solution-Describe the physiological roles of sodium | Homework Help
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