Solution-Chronic juvenile rheumatoid arthritis | Homework Help

Analiza los siguientes casos y asígnale el código correspondiente utilizando el ICD-10 que corresponda.

a. Chronic juvenile rheumatoid arthritis; total hip revision, replacing a previous hemiarthroplasty with both acetabulum and femoral components replaced using metal-on-polyethylene hip bearing surfaces.

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Solution-Chronic juvenile rheumatoid arthritis | Homework Help
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b. Primary localized osteoarthritis of the hip; total hip replacement with ceramic-on-ceramic bearing surfaces.


c. Left knee internal derangement with old medial meniscal tear; arthroscopy of left knee with partial medial meniscectomy.


d. An elderly patient was admitted to the hospital through the Emergency Department after being found unconscious at home. The physician’s admitting diagnosis was possible CVA. The patient was found to be in coma due to a cerebral artery occlusion with cerebral infraction. The patient died without regaining consciousness. The physician’s final diagnoses, should be coded for this hospital stay?


e. Office visit conclusion: Rule out diabetes; patient complains of polydipsia and polyuria for several weeks prior to the office visit.


f. After four days in the hospital following an admission for abdominal pain, the patient’s test results were inconclusive. On discharge, the physician documented the following as the final diagnosis: Acute abdominal pain due to acute cholecystitis or acute pancreatitis. What diagnosis or diagnoses should be coded for the hospital stay?


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