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Many of you have spent hours thinking about why human beings exist. Most of you are very satisfied with the biblical answers to that question. However, entertain this question for a few moments: Why do all the life forms other than man exist? Why are they all here?

Evaluate and analyze the arguments in the presentation “Biblical Basis of Life’s Significance,” found in the Reading & Study folder of Module/Week 1. Construct a single sentence of 40 words or less. Include within it 4 carefully crafted and concise phrases that argue that life forms other than man are significant-they were worth creating. Start your sentence with the words:

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Solution-Biblical basis of life significance | Homework Help
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“Life forms are significant because…”

Then aID the 4 phrases, separating each with a comma. Order your phrases such that the most significant comes first and the least significant comes last.

Your assignment:

  1. Write out your masterful sentence.
  2. The sentence must be submitted through the appropriate assignment link and must not be submitted as an attached document, but entered into the text box provided.


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