Sheryl Sandberg (250 words each)

Write 250 words about Sheryl Sandberg – Chapter 1 Who Is a Leader and What Skills Do Leaders Need?

Write 250 words about Sheryl Sandberg – Chapter 2 Leadership Traits and Ethics

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Sheryl Sandberg (250 words each)
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Your need to research and match Sheryl Sandberg facebook, with the chapters. You have to conduct deep research and integrate all learning outcomes into a research paper. It is necessary the use of academic sources and data in SSU library database.

For full credits, you need to use sources in text and list them in reference in APA format.

US News stream:ProQuest from SSU library database

Academic Journal :ProQuest from SSU library database

Statista from SSU library database

Each question: paraphrased 250 words with 3 sources

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