School Psychologists Academic and Behavior Interventions.

Paper instructions

Write a 3 page paper about problem-solving collaborative processes with other professionals to address one of the hot topics from the list created in week 1. (I included chosen topic below)
Throughout the paper, include a minimum of 2 NASP domains to support the role of the school psychologist in this process.
The topic of this paper is School Psychologist and Academic and Behavioral Interventions.
The 2 NASP domains that I chose are:
Domain 4 – Interventions and mental health services to develop social and life skills
Domain 6 – preventive and responsive services.
I have attached the list of 10 domains and their meanings.
I’ve started the paper, can you please add 2 pages and feel free to make any necessary changes to what I’ve already written.
Here’s what I’ve written so far:
School psychologist often collaborate with other school staff and outside resources prior to implementing academic and/or behavior interventions.
School Psychologists spend the majority of their time working in a problem-solving collaborative practice with other service providers such as, counselors, clinical psychologists and other mental health providers.
School Psychologists collaborate with teachers to assist them with strategies to help students be more successful with academics, behaviorally and socially.
Being that school psychologist are experts in the use and evaluation of data to identify strategies that improve student, classroom, and school campuses.
When a student is struggling academically school psychologists will often collaborate with teachers to individualize instruction and monitor student progress to help them have a more successful learning experience. If a student is struggling behaviorally in the classroom, the teacher and school psychologist can collaborate to strategize about healthy learning behaviors through the development of positive behavioral support plans. The school psychologist can also work one on one with students and families to help solve conflicts and behavior problems, provide psychological counseling for students and families, social skills training, behavior management, and other strategies. The school psychologist overall goal is to help reduce student’s behavior problems while in class and on school campus.

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