Saint Cloud State University Female Genital Mutilation Discussion Follow the attachments. My topic is about female genital mutilation. i want it to be 6 pa

Saint Cloud State University Female Genital Mutilation Discussion Follow the attachments. My topic is about female genital mutilation. i want it to be 6 pages and a page of work cited. you can use up to 6 cites to get information needed. No plagiarizing please. MacBoots
Unit 2: Local Problem Solution Essay (6-8 pages)
You will argue for a specific solution to a local problem that interests or affects you.
Innovation: The fresher or more surprising your insight, the better. Argue for
innovative solutions to a very specific local problem. Seek out problems that are not
typically noticed or discussed in depth. You want to avoid writing a “standard” paper on
a “standard” problem with a “standard” solution. Remember, coming up with a specific,
narrow, local problem and then devising a strong thesis and argument is key to a
successful paper.
Narrowing: Aim for a problem and solutions that are as narrow as possible. If your problem
is too big, you will only end up arguing for superficial or over-simplified solutions. Your thesis must
be clear, concise, narrow (narrow, narrow, narrow, uncomfortably narrow), phrased as an argument
that needs to be proven, and presented with a statement of contrast that accents the uniqueness of
your argument (counterarguments).
Background: It is in your interests to inform your readers and me as much as possible. You
should describe both the local problem and all solutions in as much detail as possible, citing sources
when necessary.
Sources: You are required to do some field research (different from Internet and library
research) along with more traditional research in the library and on the Internet. Local papers or
newscasts, community papers, interviews with community leaders, local politicians, local law
enforcement, attending town meetings, conducting polls are all wonderful sources for local problems.
If you use computer resources or other secondary sources, rigorously keep track of and document
your sources to avoid unintentional plagiarism and its consequences (an F). Print out any Internet
sources you use and Xerox any articles you read to hand in with the finished paper. If you
conduct interviews, turn in the typed questions and your interviewee’s answers (your notes of the
interview). If you conduct a poll, turn in the typed poll questions and your tabulated results.
You need at least 6 different sources for this assignment; however, you may
use as many sources as you need. You must have at least 2 sources of field
Prewriting Suggestions: Watch local news or read local papers; talk to family and coworkers;
explore local zoning and construction plans, government projects, environmental issues, etc. Make a
list of controversial local issues in your neighborhood, at work, at school, in your city, etc. Then list
new or interesting solutions to the problems. From these lists, can you find a unique, narrow
problem for which you can argue a solution?
of the ce sources
Schedule and Format:
Length: 6-8 pages, typed, double-spaced, using MLA format
Sources: Include an MLA works cited at the end of the paper (not included in the page count).
Use in-text parenthetical citations. You should have a minimum of 6 different sources (you may use
more if you find more).
Memo due: W 2/20 -2 typed pages, 2 copies needed
Draft 1: M 2/25
Draft 2: W 3/6
inal paper due: M 3/18
opics to avoid: gang violence, teen drinking/drugs, gun control, homelessness, smoking
ans, Normandale parking, invasive species, bus routes, legalizing marijuana, and abortion/teen
regnancy. Another warning-avoid work issues that may anger your employer. Do not use work
omputers to conduct research. Do not violate your employer’s rules.
solved problem -7519 pt map
34 pages on proble
3-4 pages on soluti
to solve the problem
Approximately 2 pages typed
Printed lay
Problem: be as specific as possible. The more background research you do for the memo, the further along you will
be. DON’T put this off till the last moment.
Describe the problem in detail, giving any background (general description), history, cause and effect that you know of,
range of affected area/population, etc. Also include how you are affected by this problem. Who else is affected?
What about costs incurred because of the problem? Be sure it is a local problem and is not one of the topics to avoid
at the bottom of the assignment sheet. This should be approximately 1 page.
Solutions: Anticipate at least 2 possible, ideal solutions. These might change as you research and draft.
Opposition: Anticipate who might object – who might disagree that this is a problem? Or who might disagree with
proposed solutions. These might change as you research and draft.
Contacts: List at least 2 possible contacts/experts in the field. Include their names, credentials, phone #and/or e-
mail. (Use resources from the course research page from the library to help you find possible contacts.) DO NOT CON-
Research: Anticipate what other research you will need to do for the paper. What information will you need and
how will you find it? (polls of people experiencing the problem, interviews with experts who can help solve the prob-
lem, observations to measure or count something, laws, city codes, neighborhood association agreements, leases,
traffic stats, etc.)
Memo format – should be typed and approximately 2 pages (1 of those pages devoted to the problem). No other spec-
ifications. This is part of your prewriting, but it needs to include the above information

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Saint Cloud State University Female Genital Mutilation Discussion Follow the attachments. My topic is about female genital mutilation. i want it to be 6 pa
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