Reviewing a Case Through the Lens of Evidence-Based Practice

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Your approach to complex cases is often informed by your professional perspective and guiding principles. For example, the mission of the organization you work for will impact your professional approach to social problems. The week before each case is due, you will discuss the case using a particular lens.
For this discussion, read Chapter 2, Gay-for-Pay in Wolfer, Franklin, and Gray (2014) and consider the case through the lens of evidence-based practice (EBP). Your discussion could inform your contextual analysis for Assignment 7.1: Case Study: Gay-for-Pay. Evidence-based practice is a strategy for making practice decisions based on the best available evidence, professional expertise, and client and community preferences. For this discussion, you will evaluate support programs for LGBT youth.
In your initial post, please respond to the following prompts:
After conducting a search of the literature and the internet, what are some best practices you found for working with LGBT youth? Apply this professional and/or research literature to identify these best practices.
One of the EBP circles is client preferences. (To refresh your memory of the EBP model, review Evidence-Based Social Work: An Evidence-Based Approach
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). If you were to ask the clients in Alicia’s group, what would do you think they would say they want? What do they seem to like about the services at Rainbow Alliance for Youth (RAY) and the services at Wichita Centers for Families (WCF)?
The final EBP circle is professional judgment. Keeping in mind Alicia’s group, answer the following:
How would you consider the client preferences in this case?
To what extent do WCF and RAY appear to be delivering programs based on the best practices?
Consider the pros and cons of using the EBP lens for this case. Discuss at least one pro and one con. What does the EBP perspective help you highlight, and what might it overlook?

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Reviewing a Case Through the Lens of Evidence-Based Practice
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