Review on Dew

Paper instructions

Charles Dew, Apostles of Disunion: Southern Secession Commissioners and the Causes of the
Civil War

These review essays are academic reviews. The task of the review is to analytically evaluate the text. Do not summarize the book. This is also not a research paper, so you will need no sources other than the book under review; it is not necessary to look for supplementary or explanatory material elsewhere in course readings or the internet to provide content for the essay. Engage the book’s content and nothing else.
[Tips: You should state the book’s thesis clearly in your introduction. Other topics which your paragraphs may focus on include the author’s source work, methods/organization, and/or style. You may also choose to evaluate the author’s choices, judgments, errors, or effectiveness. Generally, a reader of your review should understand the merits and flaws of the book without reading a summary of the book.]
• 1000 words
• 10- or 12-point font
• Double space
• One-inch margins
• Cite with footnotes in Chicago style, not in parenthetical MLA style. If this is new to you, try it! Do not be stressed about citations, I will give you feedback and errors in your notes will not affect your grade.
• Papers without citations will receive an F.

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Review on Dew
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