resources available to families of individuals with ASD

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After reading assigned chapters and viewing videos, please respond to one of the following questions by replying to this posting. Indicate to which question you are replying by including the question number and/or or some words to indicate the question you chose in your subject line (For example, you can change the subject line to read “RE: 1. “Parent stories”” or “#2 Invisible barriers”). Then remember to come back to post a response to your peers.

1. Review the parent comments noted throughout the various videos in terms of the stages of grief, identify examples of one or more stage as evidenced by parent’s comments. What stories have you heard from the parents of your students? What are their experiences with grief?

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resources available to families of individuals with ASD
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2. Conduct a community resources search for resources available to families of individuals with ASD in your community (e.g., respite care, assessment and diagnosis, healthcare and dental, private therapy providers, advocates, summer camps, etc.). Share what you find with a summary and resource links.

3. How does autism impact siblings? Discuss some of the experiences of having a sibling with ASD from the perspective of a typically developing child? What are some factors that can help to exacerbate and mediate these important relationships?
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