Research study on the pathogen or disease it causes | Homework Help

Submit the complete citation and a copy of the research article you would like to use for part 4. Discussion of the science of a recent research study on the pathogen or disease it causes. This should be a recent study within the past 5 years. Required and acceptable sources for your report are described above in the topic on “Required, Acceptable, and Unacceptable Sources” in Course Content topic “Project 1 Instructions”. The article must be approved by the instructor for your report

Do not copy your report, but briefly in two to four sentences explain what your research/topic report is about, and another one or two sentences to tell your classmates something new and interesting you learned from your research and about either environmental or other factors contributing to the emergence or re-emergence of the disease or the impact of the disease on society (locally or globally). Your classmates have taken this course with you, so you do not need to explain vocabulary covered in the course.

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Research study on the pathogen or disease it causes | Homework Help
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Include a complete citation in APA format for your primary research article.


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